Social Media: It's Important, but just how important?

A very common question that floats around in the mind of business owners is always;

“How can I get more customers?”

The answer is, there are MANY ways.

But, by far the most effective way is to make your business look good online!

Nowadays, what’s the first thing people do when they’re interested your business?

They jump on Google, Facebook or Instagram and do their research!

This is what makes or breaks their decision to be a customer!

Here’s an example;

Recently, my family were visiting and we were wanting to go out for dinner.

So I searched on Facebook for restaurants in my area and out of all the options we obviously

picked the one that looked the best!

This was the first impression we got, and made the decision if we wanted to be customers!

But to delve deeper, a few things that helped make that decision were;

  • Professional photographs

  • Active and engaging social media presence

  • A messenger chatbot that allowed me to book a table through Facebook Messenger!

All very simple!

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