Content Marketing: Do You Need It?

Imagine this.

You're in a car showroom looking to buy a brand new car, and the salesman knows absolutely nothing about it.

Would you buy it?

Of course you wouldn't.

This can be compared to content marketing. Content Marketing is educational, not promotional. Therefore the more you can demonstrate you know about your industry, the more your target consumer base will trust your brand.

Say you are a property investment company, and you have written over 100 blogs detailing the processes of property investing.

First of all, it adds to your SEO, which increases the chance of your website getting found through organic search.

And second of all, it tells the person reading it that you know a lot about Property Investing. This is turn gives you the upper hand against your competitors and adds to your Unique Selling Proposition, the core of your brand.

Of course it is not an overnight success job, but it is a sleeper, and once it wakes up, delivers the results you ask from it.

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